The first of our open evenings takes place next week. We are fully booked on the pruning course but still have spaces for the Spring Bulbs talk with Johnny Walkers from taylors bulbs. As I am not taking any talks or demonstrations this month I shall be attending this talk and looking forward to hearing his ideas and methods on creating maximum impact in containers and borders. I am really pleased with the bulb pots that I did last autumn as they have all come out a treat and look really healthy, much better than some of the wallflowers and bellis that are behind in growth due to the lack of rain we have had.

Should the Spring Bulb talk not interest you come and see us anyway as more and more herbaceous and shrub plants are becoming available as they get their roots going. We have also got a greenhouse full of summer bedding but please please please do not take these unless you have a heated greenhouse or conservatory that you can put them in. The days are wonderfully warm and sunny but we are still getting ground frosts at night and this would kill many of the summer bedding and cause die back on the rest. We have bedding plants coming out of our ears and we won’t run out if you wait until the end of May or beginning of June!