With glorious spring days like Sunday it certainly feels like winter is over. The garden is certainly in motion as new shoots are cropping up everywhere in the borders and many of you are getting twitchy to get started in planting out new beds and filling in holes for the summer. New fresh stock is becoming available every day on our sale beds as they start to show new root growth and are transferred from our growing area. Many of the evergreen shrubs are still under winter protection in cold greenhouses for a few weeks yet so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask one of our staff and they will be pleased to help.

12 packs of vegetables are now available for sale as well as strawberry plants, asparagus, rhubarb and artichoke. We still have some bare root fruit trees left for sale though be quick if you intend to buy any more bare root as the weather is now so dry.

This weekend is the birch weaving course, there are still a few places available should you like to join, just give us a call to book your space.

Rasell’s Nurseries have a number of staff vacancies within the selling and growing area as well as within The Tea House. If you are interested in finding out more please come in and see us and drop off your CV, references will be required.

No plant knowledge is necessarily required but an energetic and enthusiastic disposition is a must. All vacancies include weekend work and the nursery positions will be working in all weather conditions.

Come in and see either Tim or Claire for more information.

Loose Dahlias1 This year we have a selection of loose, summer flowering bulbs and dahlia tubers for sale.

There are 11 Dahlia tubers to choose from alongside,

Eucomis pole-evansii; a large pineapple flower that reaches up to 1.2m in height and is planted in Rasell’s car park border,

Eucomis bicolour, a shorter pineapple flower more commly grown,

Acidanthera, sweet scented gladioli that flower late in the summer. We had a large pot full of these last year which attracted many comments.

Nerine bowdenii, lipstick pink late summer flowering bulb liking a hot dry spot-these will not be available until 14th March

We also still have seed potatoes in stock, onion and shallot sets, bare root fruit trees and soft fruit, and spring bulbs. Our herbaceous are starting to come out for sale as they show signs of growth as well as evergreen shrubs that have been under cold glass for the winter. Please ask if there is anything you are particularly looking for as they may just not have made it out yet!

Here are the dates and information for our 2015 events, this will all be listed on the Talks page on Rasell’s website (www.rasells.co.uk), leaflets of all the dates are available in our shop and in The Tea House. Each event is £10 per person, which includes teas and homemade cakes produced at The Tea House. The events in February, March and November are on a Sunday and start at 10am, whereas between April and September they are evening events on the last Thursday of the month starting at 5.45pm. Places are limited for each talk and we recommend booking in advance to secure your place.

  • Sunday 22nd February start at 10am
    • Spring Interest, with Tim Rasell

Tim will be leading a walk around the nursery pointing out plants of interest, whether it is flowering bulbs, foliage change or bark and discussing

  • Sunday 29th   March start at 10am
    • Birch Weaving, with Claire Rasell

Claire will be demonstrating how to use birch branches to create the herbaceous supports she builds for the borders around the nursery. After an initial demonstration there will be a break for teas and cakes before going back out to the field where you will be given the opportunity to try out the techniques shown and take your creation home.

  • April 30th
    • Pruning Part 1, with Tim Rasell

This is the first of a three part pruning course being offered this year. We are often asked about pruning problems people have and this three part course is designed to give you a practical, step by step guide to pruning through the year. Showing you how to prune, what to prune and when to prune. Part 1 will focus on summer flowering shrubs, evergreens and winter flowering shrubs. £30 per person for whole, 3 part course.

  • April 30th
    • Spring Bulbs, with Johnny Walkers from Taylors Bulbs

Johnny Walkers has worked in the bulb industry all his life (father was a Dutch bulb grower) and whilst he specialises in daffodils as Quality Manager for Taylors Bulbs he has a wealth of experience growing all sorts of bulbs. By the time he comes to talk to us he will have completed his 30th Harrogate Flower Show and be looking forward with apprehension to Chelsea. Showing flowers and plants to Gold Medal standard is never easy but despite this Johnny has an impressive number of Gold Medals to his credit. The talk on Thursday April 30 will cover the use of spring and summer flowering bulbs in the garden (border and containers) with tips on how to create impact, post flowering care, fertilizers, watering, growing situation etc.

  • May 28th
    • Hanging Baskets, summer containers and borders, with Claire Rasell

Claire will run you through the options and different effects you can use with your baskets and containers, as well as go through some border options for different situations.

  • May 28th
    • Ground Cover Planting-for easy effect, with Ken Rawson

Using plants for decorative effect as well as to cover the ground to suppress weeds. Make a virtue out of a necessity.

  • June 25th
    • Late Summer Pots, with Claire Rasell

Many people come into the nursery in late July or early August complaining their pots are starting to look lack lustre and that by September they have little colour left of interest. In our current climate we can be comfortably sitting out on our patios in early October and naturally we would like our gardens to still be looking colourful. Claire will run through how to achieve this and which plants will still be looking good.

  • June 25th
    • Pruning Part 2, with Tim Rasell

In this second instalment Tim will be focusing on roses, “stone fruit”, spring flowering shrubs and figs.  

  • July 30th
    • Gardening in Shade with Claire Rasell

Gardening in shade is a persistent problem that customers come and ask us about. With gardens getting smaller and houses springing up around us, the majority of people are finding they have more and more shade to contend with. Claire will run you through how you can create a pleasing effect, working with the shade you have.

  • July 30th
    • Planning for Small Gardens-the Dos and Don’ts of Design, with Ken Rawson

How to get the best out of a small garden without wasting a single inch of space. Less can be more!  

  • August 27th
    • Pruning Part 3, with Tim Rasell

The third and final instalment of this pruning course will be looking at the likes of wisteria, hedges, soft fruit (logan berry and tayberry) etc.

  • August 27th
    • The Pessimistic Gardener-a light hearted look at problems, with Ken Rawson

Addressing some of those moans, groans and annoyances of gardening. A problem shared is a problem…..gone?

  • September 24th
    • Spring Bedding, with Claire Rasell

Claire will be running through some winter and spring bedding options to help you look beyond just wallflowers and pansies alone. After all the spring displays are in their situation for longer than your summer bedding.

  • September 24th
    • Foliage and Flower-A touch of exotic, with Ken Rawson

Be bold, be daring, be adventurous by using form and colour to do some exciting gardening. Throw some caution to the wind.

  • November Sunday 8th start at 10am
    • Rose Pruning, with Tim and Claire Rasell

Tim and Claire will run you through how to prune your shrubs, floribundas and HT, pillar roses and fan trained.

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all had a good festive season.

Our seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets are now in and available for sale. Onion sets are £1.99 for 50, shallot sets £2.49 for 12 and seed potatoes are £3.95 (except Pink Fir Apple, Anya and International Kidney which are £4.25).

Despite the cold weather there is plenty of movement in the garden already, snowdrops, hellbores, sarcococcas and winter flowering jasmine and honeysuckle are out in flower. I have even had one of the Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ out in flower, unfortunately the first frost saw the end of that but it was out very early. Many of our named snowdrops are out in flower and we have some potted for sale for those galanthophiles amoung you.

We are now open as normal on the nursery however The Tea House does not re open till Tuesday 3rd February-do note that we are opening The Tea House for 6 days a week now and opening till 4.30pm.

Look out for this years evening events that will be posted on the website and blog that will be up in the next week or so. The first event will be a Sunday walkround looking at spring interest and having an informal discussion on jobs to be doing-however the crowd swings it!

Hope to see you soon.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas, only a half day here for us today and then I shall go Christmas shopping. Lots to do on the nursery over the Christmas break getting beds ready for next year, organising next years open evenings and days worth of pruning. The most exciting for January for me is making a new bed that at the moment I have planned for a more tropical look! SO EXCITED!

Post your project ideas for next year on facebook and we can inspire each other!

Anyway Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for the New Year.

wreathsOur Christmas holly wreaths and holly rings are now available for sale, they are wreaths made from real holly and cones and are perfect for hanging on doors for a traditional christmas decoration.

Wreaths are £12.50 and Rings £7.50.

Holly bunches are also available and mistletoe will be coming in the next week or so.

The following bare-root stock is now available for sale

  • Raspberry Canes-autumn and summer fruiting
  • Blackcurrants
  • Gooseberries
  • Plum, Gage, Damson, Apricot, Quince, Pear and Cherry (Morello)
  • Various ornamental trees
  • Yew
  • Laurel- Prunus laurocerasus, P. ‘Otto Luyken’ and P’ ‘Zabelliana’
  • Ruscus
  • Beech-green and purple
  • Hornbeam, hawthorn and mixed farm hedging still to come.

We have now started lifting open ground hedging from our field, plants available are

  • Green Beech
  • Purple Beech
  • Laurel-Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’
  • Prunus ‘Zabelliana’
  • Prunus ‘Otto Luyken’
  • Taxus baccata
  • Ruscus aculeatus

Native hedgerow plants such as hawthorn, blackthorn, dogwood, dogrose, spindle, hazel, privet and guelder rose will be available within the next few weeks.

We still have places on both of our rose pruning days if anyone was interested in coming along. Tim Rasell will be going over shrub roses, climbers on walls, pergolas and arches, ramblers over trees, groundcover, patio-you name it and it will be talked about!

Book your place now to save disappointment.